Darnell Smith - 5 - To capture mood in athletic portraiture by composing the subject in various game, practice and workout surroundings.

Cesar Valero - 5 - To emphasize the geometry of architectural forms moving from simple realistic details to digitally manipulated images creating complex abstract designs. 

Clonia Charite - 5 - To depict isolation by capturing imager in a variety of desolate locations because I love to feel the serenity that reminds me of a peaceful, but lonely life.

Christopher Wroy - 4 - To show the gritty beauty of an ordinary mechanic shop by taking the viewer on a journey starting from the exterior facade to the inner spaces. I always had an interest in fixing cars, but never a personal opportunity, so I used my concentration as a gateway to experience the life inside a mechanic shop.

Andrew Monaco - 4 - To use/isolate color(s) to emphasize a visual space and guide the viewer throughout an image. My attraction in pursuing this concentration was to use colors in the hopes of provide a different perspective of designs within structures that we come across in our everyday lives.


Lara Pinheiro - 5 - To show the faces of people we tend to forget, the homeless. When we make eye contact, it's like we can feel their pain and that pain is unbearable. Poverty if an ugly reality, and when confronted with it many of us choose to look away, not wanting to accept a reality that doesn't align with our own.

David Tamfee - 5 - To juxtapose the hard mechanical symmetry of various modes of transportation with the son pallet and painterly forms of water colors.

Brittany Duffy - 5 - To compliment and emphasize the elegance of the human form with lines, shapes and patterns.

Kerridyn Lindsay - 5 - To integrate geometric lines and shapes with organic portrait shapes creating rhythmic patterns of movement reflecting the complexity of the mind.

Riginst Mascenet - 5 - To manipulate the visual aspect of a simple architectural structure using shadows and light to creat an abstract environment.

Yasmin Felder - 5 - To capture a variety of man made objects that have disintegrated by rust from natural element. When people hear the word "RUST" they usually think of old and rugged instead of beauty. While shooting photos for my concentration I saw colors, pattens and texture changes appear. I decided to emphasize the beauty rust has on different objects.


Joshua Cartwright - AP Score 5

"The central idea of my concentration was to focus on the elusive use of color, form and transparency to create depth by defining multiple planes within an image."

Shandra Plummer - AP Score 5

"The central idea of my concentration was to emphasize words and phrases by infusing imagery, abstraction, and typographic design."

Omar Guerra - AP 2D Score 4

"I am using the elements of designs to display a simple idea that is not simple-minded using circles, squares, and bold coloring my compositions create a bold image that catches an immediate response from the viewer."


Denise Robillard - AP Score 5

"The central idea of my concentration is to portray my family members, capturing their individuality going from a singular (isolated) portrait  to capturing them in an environment."

Kemani Chin - AP Score 5

"Using people's facial expressions to make the viewer(s) wonder what the subject matter in the picture is looking at for them to  have such emotion to their stare , the sense of boosting the viewer's line of sight."


Piero Penizzotto - 5 - To focus on illustrating the divers people, antics, and environment of the New York subway by manipulating the images with simple line drawings that gradual evolve into more elaborate collage pieces inspired by Romare Bearden.

Kevin Santana - 5 - To capture diversity through portraiture in a local farmers market. 

Esdras Saint Preux - 4 - To experiment with light and incorporate the French style photograph, Contre Jour, a technique where the camera is pointed directly toward a source of light, which enhances the contrast defingin strong lines and form of content.

Rudy Norris - 5 - To highlight urban high school fashion through portraiture.

Gerardo Meza Loa - 5 - To create movement through the repetition of lines and shapes breaking through space from emphasis in realistic to abstract imagery. It fascinate me that motion can be capture into a solid picture.

Sierra Rottman - 4 - To depict the beauty of skeletal forms.


Briyana Butler - 5 - To focus on glitches as an art form, commonly known as glitch art. A glitch is a short lived error in a system, often seen as broken files or images. This is achieved through deliberate corruption of an image resulting in an unexpected and random rearrangement in data or color.

Idaly Ellis - 5 - To use shape and patterns to transform images in nature. Organic shapes in a natural environment evolve into geometric abstractions of nature.

Courtney Parsons - 5 - To transition from simple photography to abstract art using young, ambitious female basketball player and their awards as a base. The concentration reflects the girls' journey to victory.

Alyssa Camacho - 5 - To focus on using geometric shapes and value to create patterns ranging from a simple abstract design to a more complex composition.

Brianna Moody - 5 - To focus on designs from traditional Italian food to create images for advertising.

O'Brian Bowen - 5 - To use colors, patterns and texture to alter original portraits making them appear phantasmagoric.

Elizabeth Clark - 5 - To focus on using diagonals of shadow and light to create movement and activate the picture plane in an image.

AP Portfolios 2014

Simone Smith - AP 2D Score 5

"My concentration uses typography as a design element in itself from abstract to literal through portraiture and design."

Michelle Wright - AP 2D Score 5

"My concentration focuses around the creation of a story reflecting on the simplicity of life and the unseen spaces on a walk through the Jamaican countryside."

Nedaara Powell - AP 2D Score 5

"My concentration delved into the contrasting patterns of urban fashion juxtaposed against patterns of the surrounding inner-city neighborhoods."

Ako Jabari - AP Score 4

"The nature of my concentration involved designing with circular forms as they mature from a two-dimensional picture plane into the three-dimensional picture plane."

AP Portfolios 2013

Kaley Maslan-Brown - AP Score 5

"My concentration is based on the feeling of falling and expressing it in different ways, collages, repetitive designs, angles as an illustration."