2017 AP Digital Edge Portfolio Scores - ALL 5's!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Mariangela Baigorria

"My concentration's goal was to explore different ways to implement typography into a design effectively and to use text as an element of design."

Megan Lewis

"The Central idea of my concentration is that the omnipresent destructive force of greed has been both a divisive influence and an unintentional motive for society. "

Brian Mendez

"My central idea for my concentration is to depict how vintage collectables from different origins arrive at the same destination. I photographed each antique in a way that gives a personal connection or story from the past."

Alex Dixson

"The central idea of my concentration is to capture lines in urban places. I recorded changes in the linear quality of flat picture planes to line character changes in three dimensional structures."

Cindy Clermont

"The central idea of my concentration is to depict states of body language using geometric shapes to complement segments of the organic human form instead of using the entire of the human form."

Ladasjah Brown

"The central idea for my concentration is to investigate the beauty of geometric shapes, patterns, and texture in man made objects."

Lakasjah Brown

"My concentration studies the human form In water, viewed merely as a shape until it is deformed to an abstraction. I experimented morphing the figure from a realistic perspective accompanied by the reflective color of the water as it enters to how the body becomes completely distorted when submerged, misshaped by the ripples in the water and the light hitting the angles of waves."

Jeremiah Little

"The central idea of my concentration is searching for the perfect place to be alone. Escaping outside influence opens a door for self enhancements, being surrounded with beauty, isolated from distractions, this can lead to the understanding of the art surrounding you. Through emphasis and proximity, these designs represent freedom of space."

Marcus Pierre Louis

"The central Idea of my concentration is to convey my interpretations of today's current political battleground focusing on a wide array of issues and events."

Justin Francis

"The central idea of my concentration is to portray movement by freezing subjects and showing its motion over time."

Nicolas Cochrane

"The central idea of my concentration is to capture color complements in nature within textural forms."

Mariana Espinosa

"The main idea of my concentration is to recreate memories, environments and feeling inspired by the culture and traditions I experienced living in Mexico."


Katherine Sterling

"The focus of my concentration is a visual journey capturing the daily activities in various local Jamaican fishing villages. Fishing connects with a universal past and I deemed it necessary to capture one of the most lucrative markets in the Jamaican industry. Fishing is no mere hobby, it is real and meaningful to these men and their families, providing food and a livelihood.